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Planetary Mixer?
The planetary mixer is the most widely used type of standing mixer. Called a planetary mixer because the shaker will rotate around the bowl, while the bowl itself remains stationary. So at first glance, it looks like the rotation of the planet.

This type of mixer has 3 mixing functions, namely hook (usually used to mix dough that tends to be sticky like bread dough. With a hook feature, bread dough can be softer and smoother), flat beater (used to mix hard dough such as cake cookies. A flat beater can help lock in air, so the dough is more even), and a whisk (can be used to mix the liquid and creamy dough like buttercream. Mixing with a whisk can help you get a more volume and solid dough). So you can adjust the type of mixing to the needs of the dough.

This planetary mixer is included in the small size standing mixer and is more often used in households, because it is more practical, cheaper, and can be moved around. However, this planetary mixer also has a limited capacity. Maybe you can use it in the home industry, but it is less efficient if it is more than that.

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