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Mcdonalds reviews
What is your review & experience about them?

they food is delicious, but is it they food is healthy or not?

is it right mostly US person is fat because mcdonalds?
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I love McDonalds, especially I love their Sundae, Chicken and some desserts menu from McDonalds. By the way, I living in Indonesia, and I think McDonalds is one of the favorite restaurant / junk food too.
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I recommend install McD android/ios apps, many offer on it
(01-29-2017, 03:01 PM)Lovefood Wrote: I recommend install McD android/ios apps, many offer on it

nice info there, thank you
McD eh? I really likes the food in there. Especially their new menu, taro ice cream. Sadly, this ice cream only available in Indonesia lol. If you come to here, you must try it Big Grin
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This is one of the best I like. Whenever I get a chance, I buy from them. So delicious.
Taste your life Wink
I really love the hamburger in McDonald Smile They taste so delicious. The chicken is quite hard to chew, but the beef is so good.
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I've been in the kitchen from McDonals. Kitchen equipment is very high quality. Deserves the food at McDonals very classy.

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