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Marketing new restaurant in town?
Hey Guys! My wife is an expert chef and we are going to start a new multi cuisine restaurant in Toronto. The scheduled opening date is in a couple of months as some construction works are going on in the building. There’s hardly any time for complete our preparations before the opening. We are planning to distribute flyers and some direct mails with help from direct mail services along with invitations for the promotion as well as special introductory offers. Do you think flyers and direct mail will yield good results in the age of Internet marketing and email marketing in this digital age? What strategies does restaurants usually follow to gain customers, especially at the start? I hope I could find some advice here.
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Flyers will do. Don't use direct mail. Because as far as I know people didn't quite like it Smile
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Try to make a unique design and then share it through social media. In this way many people will come to your restaurant
Social media is the good one and also try to give some discount, you will get the word of mouth publicity.

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