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Heavy Duty Battery Booster factory
Smart Box 40 for 12v heavy duty autos
ModelSmart Box 40
Size388x210x315mm (L/W/H)
Peak Current5000A
Start Current2500A
Output12V(Jump Start)5V/1A,5V/2A(digital devices),12V/5A(cigarette lighter)
Operation Temperature:-20℃~60℃
Charge Timeabout 10 hours
Smart Box 50 for 24v heavy duty autos
ModelSmart Box 50
Size388x210x315mm (L/W/H)
Peak Current3600A
Output24V(Jump Start)
5V/1A; 5V/2A(digital devices)
12V/5A(cigarette lighter)
Start Current1800A
Operation Temperature-20℃~60℃
Charge Timeabout 5 hours
Typical Comparison
Capacity100000mAh/370Wh (12V)
105000mAh/388.5Wh (24V)//
Size388x210x315mm570 x D 330 x H 620110*55*52CM
Peak Current5000A(12V)/3600A(24V)
We leave space to add more capacity and make higher current if you need7000A(12V)/3500A(24V)7750 A(12V)/3875 A(24V)
Factory PriceUS$445//
Retail PriceSuggested around US$2000US$2962US$2750
Movehand-heldwith a trolley to movewith a trolley to move
Where to be used:
Heavy duty Trucks, Semi-Trucks, Semi-Trailers, Tanks, Transport Vehicles of Tanks/missiles, Boat, Bus, Crane,Digger, Tractor, all were easily started up.
1.What kinds of vehicles can the JumperKing jump-start?
The JumperKing can jump-start any vehicle with a 12V battery: passenger cars, semi-trucks, tractors, military vehicles, fire trucks, school buses, and even boats.
2.What is the advantage to using the JumperKing over other jump-starters?
Most of the existing jump-start technology for large machinery involves a unit that is unwieldy and heavy, requires an extension cable, and takes several hours to jump-start the battery. In contrast, the JumperKing is lightweight, portable, and can jump-start a vehicle in less than five minutes. The JumperKing also has the longest and heaviest gauge cables of any product on the market, and the unit is able to perform jump-starts on multiple vehicles on one charge.
3.My vehicle has not been running for months. Can the JumperKing still jump it?
As long as the battery is still a functioning battery and can maintain a charge once jumped, the JumperKing can jump it!
4.How long does the JumperKing take to use?
The JumperKing can jump-start most vehicles in less than five minutes.
5.What else can the JumperKing do?
The JumperKing includes two 5-volt USB charge-ports for electronic devices (such as cellphones), a 12-volt outlet, and two COB LED lights which include a flashing SOS pattern for emergency roadside assistance.
6.Under what conditions can the JumperKing be used?
The JumperKing should only be used in weather conditions between -4° and 104°. The JumperKing should not be used in situations where it may become wet.
7.Can the JumperKing jump-start a vehicle with a battery that will no longer hold a charge?
No, the JumperKing will not be able to jump-start a vehicle with a battery that no longer holds a charge. In this case, the battery needs to be replaced in the vehicle.
8.How do I use the JumperKing?
It's easy! Check out the manual in the package.
9.What safety features does the JumperKing include?
The JumperKing has real-time computer-controlled safety protections against accidental overcharging of a vehicle, incorrectly attaching the cables to the batteries (reverse polarity), and bad terminal-to-clamp connections, among others.
10.How do you charge the JumperKing?
The JumperKing can only be charged by using the supplied charge cable. Wait 30 minutes after use, and do not attempt to charge the JumperKing if the ambient temperature is below 32℉. The cable should be plugged into the JumperKing to the left of the switch button on the front/LCD screen side of the unit. The JumperKing will automatically stop charging when it reaches 100%, and the light on the charge cable charging box will turn green to indicate the unit is fully charged.
11.How long does the JumperKing unit take to be fully charged?
The JumperKing takes 3.5 hours to be fully charged.
12.Once fully charged, how many jump-starts can the JumperKing complete before it needs to be recharged?
It depends on the vehicles being jump-started. It is possible for the JumperKing to jump up to eighteen vehicles before needing to be recharged, but it is also possible that it will require recharging after just one vehicle, depending on the starting voltage of the battery being jumped.
13.If not in use, how often does the JumperKing need to be recharged?
Every 3-6 months would be better.
14.Where should the JumperKing be stowed?
The JumperKing can be stored indoors or in a vehicle, provided temperatures remain between -4° and 104°.
15.Why does my jumpstart make a buzzing sound?
A: Some jumpstart models are equipped with an alarm that indicates low voltage on the battery. If charging the battery does not eliminate the buzzing alarm the battery could be at the end of its useful life. Turning on the air compressor and work light will speed the process of draining the battery and quieting the alarm. Jumpstart will then need to be disposed of in accordance with local regulations.
16:Why separates 12v and 24v functions? Can you make 2 jump start output?
A:1.Separate jump start is safe;2.12V&24V jump start can be achieved, but easy to get problems, in additional to the high output current, we prefer to separate functions to keep user safe;3.There are many 2 jump start output cases that failed in the market.
Product Display:
1.Aluminium Alloy Housing and Panels
2.LCD Display
Power Indicator
Car Battery Voltage
30S Start Time
Battery Temperature
Protection:Short Circuit/Over-Charge/Over-Discharge/Under-Voltage/Reverse-Polarity/Over-Current/Low-Voltage Alarm
Fault Alarm
Factory workshop:
Built-in 16 Protections
CE/FCC/ROHS/MSDS/UN38.3/UL/PATENTSHeavy Duty Battery Booster factory
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