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In the days of yore, regulars pledged their allegiance to a restaurant for nothing more than a hearty meal, a cold brew, and some good over-the-bar banter. Dropping off coupon cards to local businesses was enough to draw in a loyal lunchtime crowd. When it came to engaging new business, a wacky waving inflatable tube man wearing a “Special” sign did the trick. But now, Joe Hamburger down the road has five stars on YELP, the fish sandwich shop around the bend is giving away free fries when you hashtag #freshcatchfriday and you’re stuck in the marketing weeds, scrambling to keep up.

Please help.
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With many share at social media
open shop at marketplace
and maybe we can use some advertising agency like seo and etc.
i use the 2 point from that, socmed and marketplace for our kitchen equipment shop
Horeca Equipment and Any Types of Chest Freezer For Restaurant Needs
after you try to promote, don't forget to increase the quality of your restaurant. Find the lastest menu trend and anything that could help your restaurant being better, such as update for restaurant equipment, retaurant software, etc

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