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I can give all tips and tricks that I have to attract the customer, I think we can share about what we have got 

- Music 
Music is very important things that can give and charm the customer to stay longer in your restaurant in addition music is a part of your completed action to have the attraction from the costumer 

- Jokes 
Standing up comedy, we need a jokes to get the full attention from the customer in other words to change the situation become more intensive, exclusive and full of smile (colorful) 

- Location 
You can design by your own way to change your place become more excited, luxury and simple. this one of the important things to have, Location can be supported by the nature such as tree, mountain or many other things. 

I thinks these are the important things to have however if you have more idea you can add to the post reply.
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nice thread, rep+
Nice tips. In my opinion the most important thing in opening a restaurant business is from the taste of the food. Many customers will come to enjoy the food sold at the restaurant and fast service.

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